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Bear Mural for your Rv by the Square Foot NOT Laminated
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Bear Mural for your Rv by the Square Foot NOT Laminated
Bear Mural for your Rv by the Square Foot NOT Laminated
Manufacturer Number: Sq Mural Bear Scene 01
Manufacturer Name: Decal Guy
Material Type:

Size H x W

Make sure you multiply the H x W together then divide (/) by 144 to get your OVERALL TOTAL Square Footage and enter it in the qty box. For example: 40 x 50 = 2,000 sq. ft. (divided by) 144 = 13.89 (14) always round up. So enter 14 in the qty field click add to cart and we will multiply the sq. ft. by the type of material you choose for your total cost (visible on the next screen in your shopping cart). Choose the corect material you are wanting. Perforated Window Film with Lamination (8 yrs) $18.00 per sq. ft. or Perforated Window Film WITHOUT Lamination (4 yrs) $12.00 per sq. ft. Life of decal is an estimate and cannot be fully gauranteed due to weather and climate conditions.
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Beautiful Bear Rv Mural for the Back or Side of your RV NOT Laminated.  However, you can add Lamination here as un upgrade to extend the life of the decal and to prevent water from pooling in the holes which could prevent your vision to see thru the print.  Ideal in more rainy climates.  Also Lamination prolonges the life of the color print on the perforated film. 
Also comes with our Decal Guy Application Solution (4 fl. oz. plastic spray bottle) and Squeegie Set for easier application.  (Value $9.95)
We only use the finest wrap material, easy application and NO bubbling.  We also can laminate this print so it adds years to your decal, not included in $12.00 per sq. ft. price.  We guarantee 10 years with lamination.   
to USA only
We ship this to you USPS Priority Mail in a tube.  If you desire it sent another way please contact us.
We ship International but charge shipping sent via paypal.  And will ship once payment for shipping has been cleared.